Seiko Watches

Many watch collectors have been collecting timepieces for as long as one can remember. Since there are many brands to choose from, it can be tricky to add one more. Luxury watches are typically the go-to timepieces but are difficult to maintain. If you do not have the specified watch part, then the timepiece will stop working. Fortunately, Seiko watches have many compatible parts that work even on limited-edition models.

Seiko has been in the watch industry since its founding in 1881. They know the ins and outs of watchmaking with high-quality outputs. Once you start collecting a Seiko watch, it will last more than a lifetime. If you are a first-time watch collector, check out the reasons to collect a Seiko watch!


Seiko watches are everywhere. You can get them at your nearest watch store or online for better accessibility. You can choose from many models, such as Seiko 5 watches. In addition, each model comes at affordable prices, which makes it a big advantage compared to its peers. If you are tight on the budget, Seiko has one model just for you. It makes the brand more accessible to those who want to collect watches.

Gets Serviced When Needed

Since there are many Seiko watches in the market, models will always need repair. Fortunately, many watch repair shops accept Seiko watches because they have many parts. When you give a watchmaker the watch, waiting does not take long. They can do more than repairs, such as a recalibration, to make the watch movement more accurate. Technicians can deconstruct and rebuild the movements at the right calibrations. As a result, your timepiece will operate well as new.

Great Value Retention

When you resell some watches, the value decreases. This is not the case with Seiko watches as it increases in value. However, the model should be from the original watchmakers. You can check the number engraved on the watch to see if it is a real product. Limited-edition watches are one way to collect timepieces to increase their value. However, maintenance of the watch should be a priority so you can resell it at the specified value.  

Has A Wide Range Of Parts

Being a veteran of watchmaking for centuries, Seiko nearly perfected the craft. They create many spare parts because of the current market size. If you have a missing part on your watch, chances are you get one from Seiko watchmakers. It is also a niche within an existing hobby that intersects with watch enthusiasts. So if you want to mod or upgrade your watch, Seiko has the perfect part for you. You can customize the bezel or watch strap because those parts are always in demand.

Wrapping Up

Seiko watches are the best timepieces for any new and experienced watch collector. It is accessible, has great value retention, and has many parts. If your timepiece needs repair, most repair shops accept Seiko watches due to their familiarity among consumers and enthusiasts. Ultimately, starting a watch collection with Seiko is great for entering the horology world.

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