In the current environment, timely delivery of goods is an essential factor for success in the logistics sector. However, when it comes to time-critical shipments, the stakes are even higher. A delay of even a few minutes could contribute to major financial losses, a loss of image, and even legal consequences. That’s why it is crucial to partner with an experienced and trustworthy cargo logistics company that can deal with time-critical shipments with accuracy and speed. And when it comes to such shipments, CG Logistics is one of the best logistic company names on which you can rely.

When a business enters into partnership with a logistics service provider, there are a number of significant elements that must be taken into account. Since then, there have been several logistics service providers who are experts in a number of delivery services. One of the most advantageous types of business shipping is time-critical shipping. When it comes to time-critical shipments, CGL’s expertise and knowledge of the industry are second to none. They recognise the significance of speed, reliability, and security in the transportation of time-sensitive products. They have a committed team of experts who work around the clock to assure that your goods reach their destination timely and safely.

Basically, time-critical shipments are designed to accommodate loads that must be guaranteed to arrive on a particular day and at a particular time and freight that must be transported to its ultimate destination as quickly as possible. CGL, one of the best freight forwarding companies, is engaged in providing the industry’s best time-critical services with a broad array of cost-sensitive options that extend from pre-scheduled loads to subsequent-day flights out.

How CGL is managing time-critical freight

Few international freight forwarders have access to time-critical logistics such as CGL. With an expansive, multimodal network of delivery and advanced techniques, management of time-critical cargo is possible from a single database. CG Logistics harnesses around-the-clock help to deliver proactive, time-sensitive notifications, from real-time location to temperature monitoring.

CGL is engaged in providing actionable insights at every major touch point in the journey of transportation, starting at the moment of loading a time-critical shipment and completing only subsequent to the shipment's reaching its final destination. Actually, CGL India offers peace of mind that time-critical shipments would reach on time, with the flexibility to access several cost-sensitive solutions that accommodate the company for every customer.

Following are the main four techniques of CGL India that support the management of time-critical shipments:


Communication is one of the vital elements in time-critical shipments. The professionals and expert team at CGL are quite clear with their clients regarding their exact requirements and expectations from time-critical shipments. This not only assures clients that their delivery is catered to the high standards your business needs but also supports CGL India in managing their capacity. Consequently, they require being able to deliver on their commitments for time-critical services.

A number of top-tier logistics companies like CGL that are engaged in providing time-critical shipment services also have account managers they could assign businesses. Normally, account managers at CGL have experience in your business’ industry, and you would be assigned an account manager who understands and can support your specific requirements. Moreover, account managers form the communication element almost effortlessly because they become your one point of contact and could support not only the simplification of communication but also the management of several distinct factors of time-critical delivery.


Time-critical services fall under the criteria of a premium service, and thus proper and correct packaging is essential. CG Logistics, engaged in project cargo service, can take care of the packing of your products. Further, this supports the reduction of the burden that sending important documents or products can bring and makes the overall procedure smoother for clients. Whether it be the usage of bubble wrap or shrink wrap, assured the goods of distinct weights are arranged in a sensible way, and packages are labelled if they are, for example, fragile or require to be maintained a certain way up, CG Logistics has all that included. Appropriate packaging could create the difference between a proper time-critical shipment and one that ends critically. For significant and fragile delivery, people may consider CG Logistics.


Just like packaging plays a significant role in time-critical shipments, labelling is also considered an important aspect, and it is essential for the logistics company to provide the same. In this, labelling does not suggest anything about the address of the recipient or the sender, but it does involve significant documentation as well. If a time-critical shipment is to travel internationally or cross borders, customs documentation might be needed. CG Logistics has years of experience delivering exceptional international services, which could also reduce any complexity and difficulty that comes with ensuring correct labelling.

Just like an account manager can provide support in the ease of the communication system between client and company, they could also provide support in the simplification of the process of labelling or documentation requirements. With years of experience, CGL India’s expert team understands what labels and documentation are required for distinct forms of shipments and could significantly contribute to the streamlining of the supply chain by covering this element of time-critical delivery for you.

Transparency in delivery

In timed delivery shipments, delivery transparency is considered a crucial aspect. International logistics service providers that can provide overall transparency are normally a good indication. Providing complete visibility is a reliable signal that a company is completely confident in their time-critical shipments. Being honest regarding unavoidable delays and hold-ups requires that they be communicated clearly. Companies that are providing time-critical shipments, such as CG Logistics, shall be capable of coming up with contingency or emergency plans should likely issues arise. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the abilities of time-critical service providers to adapt and evolve, which has led to stronger systems and a higher capability to address problems in a difficult situation.

Management of the time-critical shipment is not only about getting products to their particular destination on time. It is also essential to provide some additional services just as CGL is providing them, like special handling, additional security, and tracking abilities. Though time-critical shipping might be slightly more costly because it is a premium service, the additional advantages could reduce the risk of a delayed or lost shipment, providing businesses with a peace of mind and ensuring that their delivery is in the best hands.

CG Logistics has a supreme brand image for their time-critical delivery services. With more than 20 years of experience, they have partnered with businesses of all sizes, from small startups to internationally recognised companies. With totally positive feedback, their efficiency, productivity, reliability, and dependability are second to none.

If you are searching for a reliable provider of time-critical delivery services, look no further than CG Logistics. For more information about how CGL can support your business with time-critical shipments, connect with us. 

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