Looking for refreshments in the Surfing Capital of the Philippines? Well then, we’ve got you covered! The Surfing Capital of the Philippines will most likely appear on anyone’s travel list. With its wonderful beaches, great waves, and eatery offerings, what is there not to love about La Union?

With a lot of great eateries in Elyu, where should you start? This question is quite easy to answer. Some good starts include the Lobby Cafe in Awesome Hotel, Little Canggu, and hostels. The great eateries you should try in La Union also include the following: 

Lobby Cafe

The Awesome Hotel might be a hotel along the San Juan, but its culinary offerings certainly pack quite the punch. When we mean punch, we’re referring to their own Lobby Cafe. It is located in a premier hotel in San Juan, La Union. Lobby Cafe is operational from morning till late at night. It also has pastries and full meals you can enjoy while chatting with friends.

If you have a sweet tooth you want to satiate, Lobby Cafe is also the perfect place to try. Some of Lobby Cafe’s greatest offerings are Awesome Signature Cake, Vegan Cake, Ube Yema Cake, and Chocolate Surfer Tart! In addition, their wide pastry array has options that are sugar-free and friendly for vegetarians.

You can easily locate Lobby Cafe and Awesome Hotel in Ili Norte at 319 Eagle Street

Little Canggu

Secondly, Little Canggu is among La Union’s most well-loved eateries. Elyucanos have flocked to Little Canggu since its inception because of its amazing ambiance and the experience of Little Canggu.

Little Canggu takes you on a palate and visual and sensory experience to Bali, Indonesia, with its authentic Indonesian food. When you step into their space, Little Canggu brings you a quaint, cozy, and homey vibe reminiscent of Canggu, Indonesia - a locale known for its surfing experience. Try out their much-loved Nasi Goreng (fried rice with stir-fried veggies done with a Pinoy twist), Canggu Specials like the Bebek Goreng (crispy fried duck with rice), and Bagnet Guling (Ilocano bagnet with garlic kangkong and pickled bamboo shoots), and the mouthwatering Beef Rendang (slow-cooked beef, rendang sauce, potatoes, and pickled bamboo shoots).

They have another in-house cafe if you want a cool drink or caffeine. Their in-house cafe, Little Cat Coffee, is another wonderful La Union mainstay.

Little Canggu is open from 9:30 AM-8 PM, from Thursday to Tuesday. 

Circle Hostel

Looking into plant-based meals that come on a friendly budget? Circle Hostel’s got your back! Circle Hostel operates from 8 AM-10 PM. Plant-based food enjoyers have given their approval of the offerings at Circle Hostel!

Aside from their affordable plant-based meals, Circle Hostel is also home to a budget hostel with great prices that won’t break the bank.


Let’s be real: after a long day of surfing and walking, who wouldn’t like a bowl of ramen? That is the void that Ramenique hopes to fill with its presence. Located in MonaLiza Surf Resort, Ramenrique offers generous servings for prices that are easy on their wallet. 

Ramenrique serves donburi, udon, soba, and katsudon, gyudon, and gyoza aside from their specialty. You can also have your food delivered and dine in.

Wrapping Up

La Union is a place that offers great food for generous servings and prices. Next time you’re by La Union, do not forget to drop by any of these great eateries!

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Deinah Storm is a freelance feature writer who loves to travel. She writes travel guides and reviews aiming to help fellow travelers achieve the most satisfying travel experiences.