In addition to his notorious talent for filmmaking, the British actor is in the limelight wherever he goes. The reason? According to the main international fashion magazines, he is considered one of the best dressed celebrities in the world. 

This success is not for nothing: when it comes to putting together his looks, the actor does not give up tailoring, sophisticated accessories, and, of course, shoes such as sapato masculino of the highest quality.

Now it is time to roll up your sleeves, learn more about Tom Hiddleston's style, and discover how to renew your closet without much effort. To find out more, just follow this post and take note of the tips!

A little bit of Tom Hiddleston's trajectory

If you are a die-hard fan of Marvel productions, you have certainly heard of Tom Hiddleston's name. Before delving into the actor's dressing style, it is good to know a little about his background. Let's go?

The boy was born in 1981 in the Westminster area of England. It seems that his talent for acting runs in the family. This is because his sister is also an actress and has made some appearances in series, as well as working as a voice actress in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which was voted the best of 2015.

Most commonly, people know Tom Hiddleston because of his roles in superhero productions. This is the case with the villain Loki, present in the Avengers and Thor movies, two great Marvel feature films.

In fact, for those who don't know, the actor also auditioned to play Thor himself. At the time, he even managed to gain 20 kg of muscles alone, but the producers still preferred to keep him as the villain.

In addition to these features, the British actor has been present in other important movie productions. His big screen debut was in 2007 with the film Unrelated. After that, he decided to dedicate his career only to TV series and theater projects.

However, in 2011 he came back in full force and acted in Midnight in Paris, a film by Woody Allen, and War Horse, a project that was nominated for an Oscar.

And what is interesting is that Tom is also outstanding in his personal life. For some years now he has been involved with various social causes, and in 2013 he even took a trip to Africa with the intention of visiting local communities and families. Very cool!

Tips to get inspired by Tom Hiddleston's style

Several times, Tom Hiddleston has received the title of "the sexiest and best-dressed man in the world". Such a fact happened first in 2013, according to Empire magazine. 

Then, in 2017, he won this title again, thanks to GQ magazine. In the latter, the competition featured actors, sportsmen and singers. The final votes, however, were decided by the public.

So how would you like to absorb some of his style into your everyday life? We assure you it is quite easy. To find out more, your only task is to follow our tips.

Invest in tailoring

In recent seasons, tailoring has finally left the corporate environment and started to dominate the streets. And this, dear reader, is a great opportunity to be inspired by Tom Hiddleston's style.

Icon of one of Gucci's campaigns, the actor is an admitted fan of sophisticated and formal productions. Blazer, social pants, and Oxford shoes are only some of the many elements that make up his looks.

And there is more: if you are planning to go to a more relaxed environment, the formula is simple. Combine your tailored pants with a plain T-shirt and leather shoes or sneakers. Without a doubt, this is a very simple way to combine elegance with comfort.

Go for a classic style

When we wear classic outfits, we hardly ever go wrong with the production of the look. However, this does not mean that your look has to be dull or monotonous. On the contrary: to avoid this scenario, Tom Hiddleston tries to invest in the right color combination. Instead of wearing only black or brown items, he is not afraid to dare with shades of navy blue, terracotta, red, or gray.

The master trick is to use these pieces with others in neutral tones, black and white being the main ones. Another tip, taken directly from the actor's productions, is to mix classical elements with rustic and modern ones. A good example? The use of a blazer or pants with a leather boot. It looks great!

Don't give up accessories

As we know well, accessories are essential in the closet of every modern man. By using such pieces, you can make your look more interesting and functional.

Tom Hiddleston knows this very well. In his productions, the actor usually wears the classic wayfarer sunglasses. He also wears discreet nylon backpacks and black or brown leather belts, which are real day-to-day tricks. Bet on this idea too!

There are plenty of reasons to be inspired by Tom Hiddleston's style, aren't there? But don't forget to follow only the tips that fit your style and personality. The important thing is to look good and, at the same time, be comfortable and well.

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