Keeping your home office clean, disinfected, and organized is essential to ensure a productive workday. It is vital to maintain focus and not get distracted by the mess. A messy desk is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, so ensure you regularly disinfect and clean your desk to stay healthy and focused. Below is a list of tips to help you to make sure of the office cleaning and disinfecting.

Cleaning Your Office

We commonly chew, sneeze, cough, touch, and spill while working at a desk for long periods. In addition to the germs, home offices quickly become a microbial zoo. We must organize and clean up the clutter and mess caused by our busy lives.

  1. Dust. The best way to clean your desk is to wipe it down with a damp microfiber cloth. Remove all articles such as papers, file folders, calendars, staplers, etc. Ensure you don't forget to check power strips behind the desk, fan blades, window sills, monitor apex, or picture frame apex.
  2. Vacuum. Make sure you vacuum every surface on your desk and in your office thoroughly, alternating between the upholstery brush, narrow attachment, and carpet attachment. Vacuum up if any loose dust is left after you have dusted a specific area.
  3. Disinfect. After a long day at the office, we touch a lot, creating micro-bacteria colonies with every keystroke, mouse click, and phone call. The keypad of the mouse and the headset of the office phone, as well as the mouthpiece, cause infections every time we touch them. Hence, all these things need to be disinfected. 
  4. Consistency. To organize and clean your desk, you can place a reminder weekly or monthly. You can even have disinfectant wipes to maintain a clean environment even during the cleaning days. 

How to Organize an Office

If you clear clutter from your desk and organize it, you will feel calmer, and your thoughts will be more organized. An organized desk will also affect your stress level and increase your productivity.

  • Don't pile up your office desk with clutter. However, a photo of a few plants is acceptable. 
  • Divide your desk into two zones, one for the computer or laptop and the other for non-computer activities. 
  • Every office desk must have an area for keeping items that don't have a home yet. Why not call it the "junk drawer"? Instead of piling these items in the corner, use a document tray or a file drawer.
  • Bundle electrical cords with zip ties to prevent a cord nest from forming.
  • You can easily toss trash and recycle papers at your desk by keeping a trashcan nearby.
  • You can save space and separate documents by stacking document trays: one for mail, one for filing, one for signatures, etc.
  • Use the walls to hang shelves and whiteboards if you run out of desk or drawer space.

How to Clean a Keyboard

Your keyboard has many crevices that muffin crumbs and harmful germs find impossible to avoid. If you have a laptop, turn it off before cleaning it, and here are some tips to prevent germs from spreading:

  1. Shake the cupboard to remove the trash or dust. Dust it off entirely by using compressed air. 
  2. If you don't have canned air, try folding a Sticky Note in half with the sticky side facing you and passing it through the cracks on your keyboard to catch debris.
  3. Swipe the cotton swabs dipped in alcohol between the keys.
  4. Clean the top of the keyboard with disinfectant sprayed on a cloth.

How to Clean a Computer Monitor

Clean your laptop's keyboard and screen, shut it down, and ensure there are no smudges to ease your eyes. If you work on a laptop, make sure there are no dust slots to keep it cool.

  1. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the monitor down. 
  2. Remove the dust from the vents with a vacuum and upholstery brush. 
  3. Finally, use compressed air to spray any remaining dust into cracks and crevices by spraying glass cleaner and using a cloth to clean the glass.

How to Clean an Office Chair

The office chair that supports you at the job also needs cleaning regularly

  1. Clean any loose dust or debris with a vacuum and upholstery brush. Check the upholstery tag for cleaning instructions.
  2. If you have any hard surfaces or parts, wipe them down with an all-purpose cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth.
  3. The fabric of mesh and plastic office chairs can be spot-cleaned with dish soap in a spray bottle with a few drops of water.
  4. Using rubbing alcohol combined with 20 drops of essential oils, clean upholstery that cannot be cleaned with water.
  5. With a cloth, wipe down leather office chairs with a solution made up of a few drops of dish soap in a half-gallon of warm water. After you have finished wiping down the chairs, apply leather conditioner.
  6. Spray Silicone spray on any moving parts to lubricate them. Lithium grease or lithium powder works well in this regard.

Hence, this is how you can ensure that your home office or the place where you work stays clean and disinfected. It not only boosts up your mood but also enhances productivity.

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