Scopus is a comprehensive abstract and citation database that covers a wide range of academic disciplines. It is widely used by researchers, academic institutions, and librarians to evaluate research output and track scholarly impact. Being indexed in Scopus can increase the visibility and credibility of a journal, as well as attract high-quality submissions from authors.

In Scopus Indexed Journal 2023, Scopus continues to be a valuable platform for researchers to disseminate their research findings and increase their scholarly impact. Here are some key points to keep in mind when considering Scopus-indexed journals:

  1. Scopus is a comprehensive database: Scopus covers over 90 million content records, including journal articles, books, and conference proceedings5. This makes it a valuable resource for researchers across various disciplines.
  2. Scopus has stringent quality criteria: Scopus has a Content Selection and Advisory Board (CSAB) that oversees the selection of journals for inclusion in the database. The CSAB evaluates journals based on their quality, relevance, and impact in their respective fields.
  3. Scopus offers advanced analytical tools: Scopus is equipped with advanced analytical tools that allow researchers to analyze and synthesize scientific evidence across academic disciplines. These tools can help researchers map science dynamics and identify emerging trends in their field.
  4. Scopus offers enriched scientometric and altmetric data: Scopus provides enriched scientometric and altmetric data at the level of individual articles, allowing researchers to track the impact of their research and identify potential collaborators.
  5. Scopus has a title list: Scopus maintains a title list of journals that are indexed in the database. Researchers can use this list to identify relevant journals in their field and evaluate their impact using metrics such as CiteScore and other journal metrics.

In conclusion, Scopus indexed journals offer a valuable platform for researchers to disseminate their research findings and increase their scholarly impact. By identifying relevant journals, following submission guidelines, and being patient, authors can increase their chances of getting published in reputable journals and contributing to the advancement of knowledge in their field. Scopus Indexed Journal Publication is the main benefit of this section. 

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