Open access journals have gained significant popularity in the academic community as they provide free and unrestricted access to research articles. Researchers, students, and the general public can read, download, and share these articles without any paywalls or subscription fees. Scopus, one of the largest abstract and citation databases, also includes a wide range of Scopus open access journals in its collection. Here are some key points to consider when searching for open-access journals in Scopus:

  1. Browse Sources: Scopus provides a feature called "Browse Sources" that allows users to easily identify open-access journals within the database. By navigating to the "Browse Sources" tab, researchers can choose from different options to search for open-access journals. One option is to select the desired subject area and tick the "Open Access" checkbox to display only open-access journals related to the chosen subject area1.
  2. Comprehensive Coverage: Scopus is known for its comprehensive coverage of academic disciplines. It includes journals, books, and conference proceedings from various publishers worldwide5. This wide coverage ensures that researchers can find open-access journals in their specific field of interest.
  3. Quality Selection: Scopus has a rigorous selection process overseen by its Content Selection and Advisory Board (CSAB). The CSAB evaluates journals based on their quality, relevance, and impact in their respective fields5. This ensures that the open-access journals included in Scopus meet certain standards of scholarly excellence.
  4. Advanced Analytical Tools: Scopus offers advanced analytical tools that allow researchers to analyze and track the impact of open-access articles. These tools provide scientometric and altmetric data at the individual article level, helping researchers assess the influence and reach of their work3.
  5. Constantly Expanding Database: Scopus continuously reviews and expands its database to include new journals and remove outdated or low-quality content6. This ensures that researchers have access to the most up-to-date and high-quality open-access journals.

Scopus includes a wide range of open-access journals in its database, providing researchers with access to high-quality, freely available research articles. By utilizing the "Browse Sources" feature and considering the comprehensive coverage and quality selection process of Scopus, researchers can easily find and access open-access journals in their field of interest. Open access publishing promotes the dissemination of knowledge and fosters collaboration among researchers, ultimately advancing scientific progress.

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