When it comes to mechanics, most people don’t do their research until things have already gone wrong. 

Some people have a reliable mechanic they always go to, but the majority of people search online to find a shop to fix their automobiles.

Your task as a trader is to ensure that when people are on the lookout for someone who can help them repair their car, you’re the person they call.

The following nine steps will help your team establish itself as the go-to workshop in your neighborhood.

While you’re here…

Mechanics play a critical role in ensuring the smooth and safe operation of vehicles, but the nature of their work also exposes them to various risks. Accidents can happen, even to the most careful and experienced mechanics, and without adequate insurance coverage, the financial and legal consequences of such incidents can be devastating. Insurance for mechanics can offer comprehensive protection against a range of potential risks, including property damage, bodily injury, and errors and omissions. By investing in insurance, mechanics can feel more secure in their work and focus on providing excellent service to their customers. With the right policies in place, mechanics can have the peace of mind they need to continue their essential work with confidence.

Establish a website for your company.

If you don’t already have a website, putting one in place should be your top priority. 

Today’s car owners, who predominately fall under the age of 40, exclusively deal with online-only companies. Websites for vehicle repair shops that are most compelling have:

  • A clear overview of the services provided.
  • Front and center contact information (include your location PIN for customers viewing your website on their mobiles)
  • Speedy loading and mobile-responsible website
  • Appropriate material (think blogs and tips)
  • Client testimonials (pro tip: you can import Google Reviews to your website)

Use local SEO.

How probable is it that you will scroll down and open the second or third page of Google results while searching for something?

When a prospective customer searches for "strange exhaust sound" or "auto shops near me", you'd like your website to appear right at the top of the rankings. This is where local search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play; if this sounds overly technical, don't worry—there are plenty of SEO specialists out there eager to assist.

Google estimates that websites that rank higher are likely to receive 70% more hits, which directly influences the amount of traffic (possible consumers) you receive on the site and results in higher conversion rates (a prospect who clicks on the site, interacts with it, and eventually becomes a customer).

Get feedback.

Your best resources for persuading potential customers to try your car business are the glowing testimonials of previous clients. Your brand's identification will be strengthened by positive reviews on Google and Yelp, which will build consumer confidence and raise the likelihood that you'll attract new clients who leave their cars in your care.

Work in conjunction with nearby companies.

It's possible that other local small businesses compete with larger corporations in the same market as your auto repair shop. 

You might, for instance, establish a mutually advantageous partnership with the café, whereby you would promote the café to your clientele, and they would, in turn, receive a discount at the café in exchange for presenting a receipt from your store… or vice versa.

Promotions and freebies

Who doesn't love getting free things?

You might investigate the use of vouchers (or coupons) as a low-cost yet effective strategy to draw in new clients. They also assist your clients in remembering simple but important auto maintenance tasks. For instance, you could consider offering the following:

  • Complimentary 10-point check with every oil change.
  • Free oil change along with a safety inspection.
  • Free car valet

Use cutting-edge automobile technology.

Digital vehicle inspections (DVI) will enhance the client experience at your business.

With the help of multimedia (pictures and videos), DVI provides car specialists with the tools they need to identify the problem quickly. Customers will have a deeper understanding of your products and services, enabling them to choose the auto repairs that your auto repair shop recommends with confidence.

These contemporary automotive tools, of which DVI is just one, allow tech-savvy shop managers to improve their average ticket size by 30% or more. To raise their average repair order size and gain the trust of their customers, all auto repair shops must offer digital vehicle inspections.

Have you ever considered the possibility that something as basic as a reminder may increase your earnings?

Automated reminders

You may improve your quote-to-job conversion ratio by automatically reminding customers about repair estimates that need approval.

By enabling your staff to plan ahead, save time, and decrease no-shows, scheduling software for auto repairs can help to increase the profitability of your company.

You can also automate maintenance reminders. This creates a win-win situation because your customers will have more peace of mind while driving, and you will have a steady stream of repeat customers coming into your shop.

By differentiating yourself from the competition through service reminders, you can demonstrate to devoted clients that you care about them and their cars. Contemporary auto shop management software enables your staff to preserve deferred maintenance and services and automate the follow-up procedure with clients—even if you forget, your clients will still get reminders!

Implement reward systems

Provide your devoted clients with a loyalty (or VIP) program; this will encourage them to continue coming to you for their vehicle repair requirements. Customer awards are popular! Examples include

  • A free oil change for every five fully paid oil changes
  • A voucher for a free vehicle wash for every $X spent at your store.

Market your business on social media

When it comes to managing your channels, social media management can seem like a hefty responsibility. An active social presence is necessary to build a brand that resonates with consumers.

When you build your brand in the automobile business, consider the following social media tips:

  • Promote client testimonials: The experience at your shop will be interesting to potential customers. Across all social media channels, highlight the five-star experiences that your clients share in their evaluations. Be certain that these testimonials are thorough and describe what clients might anticipate when making an appointment.
  • Share details of your offers: Make sure all social media platforms share details of any great promotions you are doing or any revolutionary new offers you have!
  • Focus on interacting: Engage the users of your page! Create surveys that probe respondents about their prior service-related experiences. Pose intriguing queries that will increase involvement.

Don't overdo it with your store promotion; instead, add value to the conversation. Publish a current blog article with your thought leadership on winter driving advice. Don't expect anything in return; just give value to others to earn their trust.

Word-of-mouth marketing

Although investing in digital marketing strategies has its attraction, traditional methods can also be effective. Marketing your store through word-of-mouth is a cheap and efficient strategy.

Your business card should be printed and kept on you at all times. Share information about your store with everyone you meet, including your friends, family, former co-workers, and random strangers. Bringing up the store and providing your contact information is OK if the topic is relevant. To advertise your firm, go to trade events and seminars on auto repair.

Even the smallest of interactions like these can accumulate and advance your career in vehicle repair. Remember the benefits of recommendations from friends and family.

Offer a comfortable waiting area

Again, customer experience is key. Your customers will be likely to return if you offer first-class amenities. In addition, impressed customers will undoubtedly tell their friends and relatives about the setup. 

In some cases, social media streams will feature your waiting room highlights!

To make the waiting area in your store stand out, try these ideas:

  • Purchase cozy couches and coffee tables.
  • Provide refreshments and snacks without charge.
  • Offer free Wi-Fi.
  • Ensure televisions or game consoles are available to entertain customers while they wait.