For just about anyone in the business world there will be a chance to present. This could be in a boardroom or just in front of colleagues. Presentations can seem scary to people who do not have to do them often. This is ok since if you do not give presentations often, and even if you do, there will be times you feel nervous. There are a few ways to make this easier. One of the ways is to practice ad nauseam in front of the mirror, but there are easier ways to help yourself prepare. One of the best ways to feel prepared and confident is to have the right tools. There are many different tools that can be of use during a presentation but a way to show slides in a PowerPoint or by using a PDF is likely the most efficient way.

Leveraging Multimedia Elements in PDF Presentations

               One of the reasons that using something like a PDF, or a PowerPoint presentation is good for giving presentations is because you can add information to them but just simple text. You can also embed various types of media such as images and videos. This can be useful when the text is not enough to illustrate your points. You do not want to spend 20 minutes simply reading texts to a group of people and it is always good to show rather than tell when it comes to a presentation. If you are using a PDF editor to make your presentations, you can not only add images but add annotations directly onto them to give even more information.You can even merge another PDF into the one you are using with the merge PDF tool.

Creating Interactive Navigation and Table of Contents

               If you are presenting to a group of people who might later get to see or use your presentation, one thing you might want to include is an interactive table of contents. Even if you are presenting a PDF, you will need to have it organized in a way that people can follow along. Also, doing this is very easy. To add a table of contents to your PDF is as easy as going to your document properties and selecting the option to add a table of contents. From there it is just a matter of organizing and linking it to the bookmarks and the page numbers. When you have a table of contents it will help other people be able to understand and follow your presentation. This is user-friendly and helpful when you are trying to share information with people.

Incorporating Interactive Charts and Infographics

               While it is important to talk and state information during a presentation, that is not always the best way to hold your audience’s attention. One of the best ways to make a point is by using some sort of infographic. Having some dynamic charts, graphs, and data points will not only hold people’s attention better, but it will also help them to understand the information in context. When using a PDF editor, you will be able to add interesting graphics and have an unprecedented ability to change the document so that it will be exactly as you need it to be. This is one of the biggest advantages of a PDF vs a PowerPoint presentation. While both are good, the ability to add graphics and data to a document is much easier when using a PDF editor.

Introducing Interactive Annotations and Comments

               If you are trying to show some information related to some block of text or media that you have embedded within the PDF that you are planning to display. One of the things that can improve it in terms of being prepared for a presentation is annotations and comments. This is especially true if these are interactive. This can be done by adding them straight onto the PDF. This is one of the reasons it is a good idea to have a nice PDF editor. For example, you could have a graph on the PDF page that you are presenting but the graph alone means nothing to people who are viewing it, but by simply hovering your mouse over the graph a detailed box of information could pop up explaining more details. This is good since the comment will not take up so much space on the actual page.

Interactive Forms and Polls

               Another great tool that you can use when you have an online PDF editor is the ability to poll and interact with your audience. If you are able to send people materials as part of your presentation, you can get some great feedback from them in regard to your presentation as well as the content. This is also an opportunity for research. This can be helpful if you are in academia or in business. By adding more interactivity to your presentation, you will increase the amount of engagement from your audience which will improve the overall quality of your presentation.

Ensuring Accessibility and Compatibility

               One major thing to take into account not only for presentations but for work and life also is accessibility. When you are presenting, you should always be mindful of others who are there in terms of their needs. If someone is differently abled or has some special needs, it is the responsibility of the presenter to make some changes to accommodate them so that they can take part in the presentation. This is not only kind and responsible but also smart and will help people be more engaged and feel less left out. Some ways to do this are by limiting text, having the right colors, eliminating fast-moving slides, and giving trigger warnings. These are all great ways to make your presentation more inclusive.

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