It's time to commence watching your favorite movies and TV shows on Hulu if you can't connect to something like this. However, we are aware of how difficult it is to live in Canada in the geo-blocked era, which is why we are here to inform you on How to download Hulu on Apple in Canada.

Due to their immediate neighborhood, people occasionally forget that the US and Canada are two very different nations with distinctly different cultures, systems of government, and access to media streams. Although there are Canadian streaming providers that provide some of the same material as Hulu, Hulu's spatial rules prevent users from using its website from locations other than the US.

Only a reliable virtual private network can provide a genuine Hulu spectator experience from outside the US. It's crucial to remember, though, that not all VPNs are effective. You could just be exchanging one error message if you select a poor VPN service provider.

How do I subscribe to Hulu on my IOS device?

By using your iPhone, you may sign up for Hulu by adhering to the steps below:

  • Open the iPhone's Safari web browser.
  • Go to the official Hulu website.
  • Then click "Start Your Free Trial."
  • Pick the strategy you want.
  • To create your account, provide the necessary information.
  • Enter your billing information to join Hulu.
  • To view Hulu videos on your iPhone, log in.

How do I get Hulu outside the US in Canada?

If you've been trying to figure out how to stream Hulu on your iPhone, you should be aware that the service is geo-restricted and only available in the US. If you don't reside in the US, you will need a helping hand, i.e. the support of a reliable VPN service, in order to access Hulu content on your iPhone.

Follow the instructions below to download Hulu on your iPhone outside of the US:

  • Sign up for a trustworthy VPN. [We advise using ExpressVPN]
  • Install the app on your iPhone after downloading it.
  • Join a US server by logging into the VPN application.
  • Install and download the Hulu app.
  • Use your credentials to log in.
  • Hulu lets you watch all of your favorite TV episodes and movies on your iPhone.

Why is Hulu not present in Canada?

You probably want to know what we intended when we said anything about spatial. The truth is that Hulu is only accessible to customers in the USA, despite being one of the leading American-based video sites for the previous 15 years. And if you try to use your iPhone or iPad to watch Hulu in Canada due to restrictions. 

The site is only granted rights to stream in America, and the entire mess is the result of intellectual property theft and media distribution policies.

Even though the Disney+ Bundle in Canada allows you to access Hulu's particular, it is hard for other countries to fully access Hulu. you would assume!

How to pay for Hulu if you are living in Canada?

You can use these options to pay Hulu if you are living in Canada. 

  1. You must use an American payment method to use Hulu because it is an American streaming site. The simplest option is to request your relatives or friends to use their American credit card to pay for Hulu subscriptions, and then you may reimburse them.

2.   The simplest method to pay for Hulu in Canada if you don't have any friends or family there is to use gift vouchers.Gift cards for Hulu are widely accessible at all major retailers.  These cards are easily purchased or ordered online, and the program may be accessed by entering the redemption code.

3.  In addition to the choices already mentioned, many internet firms provide users with virtual prepaid debit cards or credit cards that may be used to pay for products like these from any part of the globe.

Things to consider before choosing a VPN for Hulu

How do you decide which factors to prioritize when there are so many VPNs available? Before choosing the best VPN for Hulu in Canada, consider the following characteristics:

  • The capacity to bypass restrictions placed on streaming sites. 
  • Large network with a variety of servers to pick from across the USA.
  • Makes use of the best encryption and security tools.
  • Has a no-logs policy that is rigorous and validated.
  • Simple-to-use software.
  • Windows, macOS, iOS, Apple TV, and other platforms and devices are all compatible with it.

To end

Now that you've read our tutorial, we don't think you need to search Google for instructions on how to access Hulu for free on an iPhone. We think Ivacy VPN will solve all of your location specific problems. However, if you have any further queries about Hulu on iPhone, we are ready to help!

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