At some point in time, your luxury watch may not function properly. It can be due to wear and tear, age, and exposure to the elements. While most luxury watches have high-quality materials, it is possible for them to stop working. If it happens, you need to go to the watchmaker. They have an idea of what is repairable.

Remember that luxury watches have a different lifespan compared to other watches. If it is well-maintained, the lifespan can extend for many years. It will be difficult if the timepiece is beyond repair. Therefore, any repairs should address any issues.

Here's how you can repair a luxury watch.

How To Repair A Luxury Watch

Watchmakers have an official way to repair damaged timepieces. For Grand Seiko, having the actual model with the designated box is necessary. The repair will not push through if you have missing information or parts. It is also why most luxury watches come in a box in every model sold.

Follow these steps in repairing the watch. 

  1. Have the watch ready - This is the first and most important step. You need to prepare the watch in its current state. It includes the damaged parts so the watchmaker would know what to repair. Remember to avoid throwing away any parts of the watch. These are the guides that the watchmaker uses to repair the watch.
  2. Check for any documents - Most luxury watches have small documents inside the box of each model. It includes the serial number, brand name, and date bought. The watch store needs this information to verify the watch's authenticity. If you do not own the documents, you may be unable to repair the watch. 
  3. Go to an authorized watchmaker - Authorized watchmakers best repair luxury watches. Sometimes, they are under the same brand where you got the watch. These in-house watchmakers follow the standards of any watch manufacturer. However, avoid going to inexperienced watchmakers. While they have an understanding of the craft, it nulls the warranty of the luxury watch. 
  4. Pay for their service - Once you receive the repaired watch, paying for their services is necessary. The exact price will depend on whether the repair is major or minor. If the repair requires an overhaul, the price can be expensive. Ensure you have enough cash for repairs so the watch can still work after extensive work. 
  5. Keep the watch in good condition - After the repair, this step will determine the watch's longevity. Ensure the watch is free from scratches or dents so the mechanisms can work properly. If you have the box, it is best to store the watch there. The box protects the watch from any elements, especially when you do not plan to wear it. Maintaining the watch in good condition is your responsibility as you can afford a piece of luxury to your collection.

Wrapping Up

Repairing a luxury watch follows a series of steps by the manufacturer. It is important to follow the process to ensure the watch is in good condition. Remember to have the watch ready and have it shown to the watchmaker. During repair, pay the dues so the watchmaker will be well-compensated. After getting the watch, it is a must to maintain the good condition of the watch. Ultimately, repairing the watch ensures that it lasts more than a lifetime.