Over the knee or knee-high boots is a modern and eternal fashion choice for every woman. Not just do they create a unique style statement, but they are also very relaxing, with the capability of making legs look slim and long. 

However, there are some challenges to wear over the knee boots as all of us have different heights and shapes. But don’t worry- we are here to assist. In this style guide, we will reply to some general questions about wearing knee-high boots. 

Are over the knee boots in style? 

Over the knee boots have been a prominent style all through the decades, from the swaying sixties and unconventional seventies to the grubby nineties. Now they are here with a smash, and it appears as if they will stay here. Knee-high boots have a superb retro feeling to them. If you are considering a boot to keep you cozy all through the winter season, this is it. 

What types of knee-high boots should I wear? 

There are various styles of knee-high boots and diverse ways to wear them; it is all related to playing with many looks and knowing what works effectively with your individual style and shape. Find some of the best options: 

  • Wedge Boots: This boot style is ideal for developing a cool, retro 70s look that is still in trend. Select a pair in brown or black and match with a suede skirt and polo neck T-shirt for an elegant appearance. 
  • Fringe Boots: Pair your fringe boots with velvet shorts or a fringe dress to get a seventies-inspired outfit look. Ensure your bag goes with your boots by selecting a style with more fringe details. 
  • Kitten Heel Boots: These boots add a height that will change the look of the knee-high boots, so they do not appear very long on smaller legs. They also offer a glamorous touch that is ideal for a night out in the town. 
  • Fur Boots: Wearing over the knee boots is the best method to keep your legs pleasant. A pair of boots with faux fur details will give you a luxurious feeling that is good for those gloomy January days. 
  • Block Heel Boots: These boots are the greatest in vintage style. Preferred by the gorgeous women of the 60s and then one more time in the 90s, they are the signature style of boots. 

How should be the fitting of knee-high boots? 

The knee-high boots should fit well but be as comfortable as feasible. This ensures that the boots do not slip while you are walking or dancing. These boots should fit restfully to your legs, so keep in mind that when you are selecting a pair. Follow these tips while checking for the best fit: 

  1. Consider lace-up, and zip styles since these will assist you in getting a good fit. 
  2. If they are still a little loose, think of what you are wearing with them. Tights or leggings can be the grip for the boots that will stay tight to your legs. 
  3. They should not be oversized. You want to develop a clean silhouette, so buy to match a style with your shape. 

What clothes to style over the knee boots? 

Knee-high boots offer a variable and classic style which are so simple to wear with different outfits. Before selecting any outfit to match your boots, decide on the look, you want to match. 

  1. Style over the knee boots for a night out and get a rock star look by combining them with a skater skirt, fine knit jumper and a leather jacket. 
  2. Get a casual look by pairing your boots with skinny jeans, a bulky slouchy jumper and a comfortable bobble hat. It is ideal for winter. 
  3. For an office look, put on small heels with a knee-length pencil skirt or wrap dress. If you would rather sport trousers, you could match your knee-high boots with a blouse for a cool, shiny way of wearing knee-high boots to work. 
  4. Get a charismatic look by wearing a chubby heeled suede impact pair with a bulky dress, statement jewelry and a fedora hat. 
  5. For a dramatic look, add some Victoriana pieces with your knee-high boots, velvet shorts and a black laced top together with glittery tights. 


Once you have the pair of over the knee boots you like, assist them to pass the test of time by keeping them in the long-term.

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