Moving to a new city can be exciting as well as frightening at the same time. You must handle many issues like living alone, looking for basic amenities, etc. For a reason, Mumbai is the dream city- it has something in store for everyone looking for a bright career and opportunity.

No matter what, you must take care of certain things when considering moving to Mumbai for the first time. The following guidance can help you settle your life in a new place and enjoy the excitement of a new city like Mumbai.

Essential Things to Consider While Moving to Mumbai

A metropolitan city like Mumbai will be full of crowds and noise. However, you can find your peace and choose your priorities better here. While moving to Mumbai for the first time, you must consider many things, especially if you want to live alone.

Moreover, if you are looking for better career opportunities here, you must organize your life to focus on your development. Here are some things to consider in general:  

  • Cost of living: Living in Mumbai will be costly, no matter where you want to stay. Prominent areas like Juhu, Bandra, Kandivali, and Andheri can become unaffordable to some. It does not mean that you have to adjust your budget in a great way. You can still live under a budget in Mumbai with special options like rental homes from RentoMojo Mumbai and room sharing.
  • Traffic: Consistent traffic is one of Mumbai's most irritating and problematic. You cannot determine whether your journey will take a few minutes or long, tedious hours. This is why you must consider commute options before living in Mumbai.
  • Public transport: If you are looking for the best opportunities to live in Mumbai, especially being a student or a fresher, consider public transportation opportunities. Renting a room near your college, university or workplace is also good. Consider cheap public transport options like buses and pool cabs if it is impossible.
  • Language: Language is not a big problem in Mumbai because most local people speak English and Hindi. However, learning basic Marathi will be a good idea, especially if you need to interact with government officials. Locals also prefer to interact with people knowing Marathi beforehand.
  • Climate: Mumbai is infamous for its climate, especially the rainy season. Moreover, Mumbai rains are highly unpredictable and can leave you with no choice but to get stuck in a place for a long time. Again, it would help if you considered room rent close to your place to avoid unfavourable situations regarding the weather. 


Mumbai is not essentially a crowded city with opportunities only for local people. You will have many opportunities once you start living in Mumbai and adjust to the lifestyle prevalent in the city.

Make sure you focus on your basic amenities first and then continue catering to the fun and excitement. Rent led tv, electronics, and other appliances to carry out daily chores. It will help you settle in a new city and organize your life according to the local food and lifestyle.